Members and individuals seeking membership who actively display the characteristics of a maturing disciple. The characteristics of a disciple include .....

•  Prayer

•  Missional Living
•  Sharing Jesus With Others
•  Regular Bible Study

Potential candidates are actively pursuing one or more of the following:

•  Vocational call to ministry (i.e. Student/Kids Ministry)
•  God’s call on their life
•  A better understanding of their role in the church

What Should I Expect To Learn From The Residency Program at IBC?

•  A better understanding of the church

•  What it's like to serve in ministry

• How to read and interpret the Bible

What Ministry Experiences Will I Have?

•  Ministry Mentoring

•  Ministry Planning

•  Discipleship of Members

•  Special events like Easter, Christmas & other events


January & February- Recruiting/Application

March - Interviews & Selection

April to July - Fundraising

August 1st - Residency Begins

What Positions Are Available?

Immanuel Baptist has partnered with Reliant Mission to help screen and hire residents.  The following positions are available.  Click on any position for a job description.

How Do I Apply?

Click the "Apply Here" button below an d follow the instructions.  You will be prompted to answer several questions about your walk with God, raising support, and an ethical evaluation of your spiritual growth.  

Should you have any questions while completing the application, email Kevin Spratt.