Pastor Search Team Process

The members of Immanuel Baptist Church approved the following Pastor Search Process at the quarterly business meeting on Sunday, November 14, 2021.  

A Pulpit Committee consisting of seven (7) voting members of the church and one (1) non-voting staff member will be selected to search for the next pastor of Immanuel Baptist Church on Sunday, January 23.  The following process will be used to select the Pulpit Committee.  The non-voting staff member will be elected by staff.

Election results will be announced soon! 

The following guidelines will be followed throughout the voting process.  
a.  You must be a member of IBC.
b.  Each member may only vote one time.
c. Ballots filled out incorrectly will be considered void and not counted.
d.  All duplicate ballots will be voided.
e.  You may vote for up to six (6) candidates from Tates Creek and one (1) from Armstrong Mill.
f. The Deacon Election Committee will oversee the election.

The Pulpit Committee will be announced and commissioned after the election with a planned date of the Summit in the Summit on February 6, 2022.