One generation shall commend Your works to another, and shall declare Your mighty acts.

Psalm 145:4

Immanuel's men's ministry is a community of small groups where men of God can meet and build relationships as they gather, grow, and serve.

A Word from Dan Russell

Senior Adult Pastor

Starting Wednesday, August 3rd, we will be meeting at 11:30 each Wednesday, in the Gathering Place for a time of prayer. This will serve as a time where we can come together for intercessory prayer.
In his letter on public prayer Charles Spurgeon said, “I am not able to see any reason for depriving me of the holiest, sweetest, and most profitable exercise which my Lord has allotted me; if I have my choice, I will sooner yield up the sermon than the prayer.”

Spurgeon also said about intercessory prayer; “Intercessory prayer is exceedingly prevalent. What wonder it has wrought! The Word of God teems with its marvelous deeds. Believer, thou has a mighty engine in thy hand, use it well, use it constantly, use it with faith, and thou shalt surely be a benefactor to thy brethren.”
To quote Spurgeon one more time, he said: “If the spirit of prayer is not with the people, the minister may preach like an angel but cannot expect success. There may be in a church wealth, talent, labor and many outreach efforts, but the Lord is not there. Prayer is as sure evidence of the presence of God as the rising of the thermometer is evidence of an increase in temperature. If God is near a church, it must pray. If he is not, one of the obvious signs of His absence will be lethargy in prayer.”
Let me encourage you to meet with us for “A Time of Prayer” on  Wednesdays starting in August. Church history records that all great awakenings and revivals were preceded by a small group of believers who committed themselves to prayer.
Dan Russell, Senior Adult Pastor


First Thursday of each month
Gathering Place
Tates Creek Campus, Door #1


Truth Seekers Bible Study

Sundays at 5:30
A Study through Ezekiel
Armstrong Mill Campus

Led by Wayne Spivey

Young at Heart and XYZ are now combined into one group that meets the second Thursday of each month at 6 pm at the Armstrong Mill campus.

Young at Heart + XYZ

Second Thursday at 6 pm
Armstrong Mill Campus

Bring a covered dish to share.



Third Tuesday  @ 11 am
ROC Café, Tates Creek Campus
Enter at Door 10


Fourth Tuesday @ 10 am
Conference Room, Tates Creek Campus
Enter at Door 1