The Story of King Joash

When evil Athaliah heard that her son, King Ahaziah (the sixth king of Judah) had been killed, she declared herself Queen of Judah. She was so evil that she killed her own grandchildren so that they would not try to be kings or queens in her place. But Baby Joash was hidden in the temple by his aunt so that he was not killed. Jehoiada, the priest, took care of Joash and taught him about God. When Joash was seven years old, Jehoiada led the people in crowning Joash as the new king in Athaliah's place. The people of Judah were thrilled to see the proper ruler finally ascend the throne. Joash was king for 40 years. One of his major accomplishments was to repair the temple. This was the temple Solomon had built more than a hundred years before. While Queen Athaliah ruled, the temple was not only neglected but also damaged. Its rreasured had been stolen and then used in the worship of Baal. the priests and Levites had not been fulfilling their duties in taking care of the temple. King Joash organized them and ordered a collection to be taken up to repair the temple and restore it to its former glory. (2 Chronicles 22 & 24; 2 Kings 11 & 12)

Immanuel's Joash Offering

Since 1962, Immanuel leaders have set aside the month of June to collect donations inspired by the story of King Joash to make needed repairs and updates to our facilities as well as create inviting spaces for our guests and visitors. After 59 years, we are thankful for the continued outpouring of love and generosity we have seen from our community.

But there is still work to be done. With so many exciting things happening in the Immanuel community, we are receiving this year's Joash Chest Offering to help support the growth and fundamental needs of our church.

Every dollar you give toward this offering will not just be utilized to purchase emergency generators or update flooring and doors. Your donation will go toward the elevated experience of members and visitors of our church. Your donation will go toward providing safe and comfortable places for people to learn about and worship our Father. Your donation will go to expanding our church into Georgetown, reaching a community of unchurched people and saving lives.

Like those faithful people who have gone before us, your annual sacrificial gifts to the Joash Offering guarantee that future generations will gather, grow, and serve in this place we call Immanuel —  God with us.

This year's offering will fund the following projects:

Armstrong Mill  
New Entrance Doors - $30,000

Our Armstrong Mill campus is in need of new entrance doors incuding state of the art locking mechanisms in order to keep our children's and worship areas safe during and after services.

Armstrong Mill
Carpet and Chairs - $25,000

As the newest addition to our IBC family, the Armstrong Mill worship center needs updating to make worship more comfortable for those in attendance. We want everyone visiting our Armstrong Mill campus to be in a space where their only focus is worship, not whether or not their seat is comfy!

Tates Creek
Emergency Generator - $20,000

The emergency generator at Tates Creek is no longer in service, which only becomes an issue when we need it most! Having a backup generator allows us to worship comfortably and safely in states of emergency such as snow and ice storms. We want to alleviate any worry that the heat, air, and lights will be working year round.

Preschool Entrances - $14,500

We are so blessed to share our campus with many little ones who are growing and learning about Jesus for the first time. This project will ensure Door 13, preschool entrances, and landscaping in the preschool area are inviting and safe for the early learners on our campus.

Georgetown Campus

As you know, our Georgetown campus will be planted in the Spring of 2022. In order to make the Georgetown campus safe, comfortable, and welcoming to our new Immanuel families, we need to build a team of wonderful leaders, find a space large enough for worship, and supply new members with. materials needed to start their walk with Jesus.