Friday, January 28
6 pm - 9 pm
Saturday, January 29

8 am - 12:30 pm

Tickets $45 per person
High School & College Students $35

Last day to register is January 24.
Imprinted is a conference for women to gather together and grow in our faith. We will learn about what it means to find the good in the hard. In life, sometimes our paths don't change; instead, God gives us the perfect feet for the journey. Lisa Whittle, author and podcaster, will be our speaker for the weekend. If you haven't listened to her podcast, check it out at the button below. Her books include "Jesus Over Everything" and "The Hard Good."

This year at Imprinted, you will choose two labs (breakout sessions) to attend. Browse the descriptions below to make your choices. Upon arrival at Imprinted, you will learn the times and locations of the labs you've chosen. Please honor the lab choices assignments as we will have strategically planned out the locations.

Choose your labs from the selections below.

Finding Hope in Disappointment and Loss

We will open the book of Psalms and walk through what to do with disappointment and loss by outlining some practical steps for a healthy grief process, forgiveness process, and healing prayer. This lab is helpful for anyone who has experienced any type of disappointment or loss -- job loss, financial problems, illness, divorce, loss of relationship, death of a loved one, major life change like empty nest or retirement, unmet expectations, or our own poor decisions.

Decisions, Decisions, Decisions

No matter our age, position, season of life, or relationship status, we make daily decisions that impact our own lives and those we love and lead. As Christ-followers, we will explore how we can best make decisions that honor the Lord, bless others, and put us on the path to follow His will. We will also explore how to get back on track after making a wrong decision.

Much More Than a Number

Created by God in His image, man lived in perfection until sin severed it, introducing anger, fear, and shame into the world. In order to survive the brokenness of being separated from God, each of us has adapted by adding a layer upon layer of protection, covering the essence of the person God created.  This is our personality, the armor we unwittingly put on each day.  The Enneagram will reveal these broken places and help us understand why we do what we do, the strengths and weaknesses in our personalities, and that Jesus is the only true pathway to wholeness.

Identity or Idolatry

We are bombarded with information about being true to our identity. We look for ways to define ourselves by what we do what we enjoy, or what we believe. However, the biblical understanding of identity looks very different. We will dive into God's Word to discern the difference between biblical identity and worldly idolatry.

Living Life with a Purpose

"Who am I?" "What is my purpose?" "Why am I here?" Ephesians 2:10 makes it clear that knowing who God made you to be leads to living out your God-given purpose--one of eternal significance. We will break down this verse and help you discover who God is, who He has made you to be, and how those truths lead to living life on purpose!

Doing Life with Your Adult Children

Just when you think parenting gets easier, your precious children have now become adults. Our job description has changed, so where do we go from here? Let's dive into how we can maintain a close and loving relationship with our children as we both navigate this new journey in our lives.

Panel: Single, Dating, Engaged, Married

Knowing how to navigate each of these relational stages can be difficult in a world of technology, hook up culture, and high divorce rates. These cultural norms actually block us from the deep intimacy we crave. A panel of four guests in each of the relational stages will discuss how to walk in and pursue God's eternal purpose for each state of life.

Mobilizing a Missional Life

Living life on mission! Living out your unique calling! Knowing you were made on purpose, for a purpose!! Ready to be unleashed to Kingdom impact? Come join us as we discover and uncover how to live your life with missional intentionality.