Step Into A 40-Day Journey

Join us as we focus on releasing our hope in the wrong things and intentionally fixing our eyes on the hope of the resurrecting power of Christ! 
We will put off the "old self" and find our hope, worth, meaning, and purpose in the "new self" — the Person of Jesus Christ.
Each week has a particular focus and challenge, culminating in living out our hope in Jesus by sharing it with others.


This week will revolve around placing ourselves in a posture of waiting on God and listening to Him so that we can see more clearly what it is that might be standing in the way of a closer relationship with Him.


Find a small way this week to release the lesser things you seek for hope in order to find your true hope for now and in the future solely on Jesus Christ. We will identify  thought patterns that have fueled desires for placing our "lesser thing" above Christ for our hope. 


 Instead of placing your hope in some lesser thing that cannot fully satisfy, focus your gaze and your hope for the future in Christ. This week is all about seeking Christ to replace the void that the lesser things inhabited in our lives.


This week we will find ways to share our hope in Jesus with someone in our community, at school, at our workplace, or in our neighborhood.


It's time to share your story! Share with the church body how God has helped you to center your gaze and your hope in Him during these 40 days. Share how your life has changed during this focused time with Him.


Celebrate the work God has done in you and repeat! Keep going! God's not done with His work in you.

Resources for Your 40 Day Journey

Spotify Playlists

We've curated Spotify playlists especially for each week with all different styles of music focused on the theme of the week. Play it throughout the day. Play it in your car. Listen during your time with God to feed your prayers with words to pray back to God.
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