Equipping Kids. 

Our desire is to help your child encounter the Bible and continue to investigate who Jesus is. We challenge them to expand their faith, connect with friends, and have fun.  As you use these online resources we hope to join you on your journey to disciple your children in the ways of Jesus and lead them to take their next step with Him.

Equipping Students. 

Student ministry is done best within the context of relationships. We believe the most important relationship is with Jesus. Our student ministry is a big, happy family where we help each other grow in these relationships. Our different backgrounds and experiences help create a unique and diverse environment. Just like any family, we're not perfect, but we have fun, we are real, and at the end of the day, we're in this together. Use these digital resources to help you grow in an online environment!

Are you bored? Need to talk to someone today? Connect now. 

TEXT MSM to 859.600.0203 (middle school)

TEXT HSM to 859.600.0203 (high school)

Equipping College Students. 

We want to help you find community and discover your purpose. The IBC College Ministry hosts a weekly Wednesday Bible Study at 9pm. To join click the following link and follow the instructions to participate via Zoom.
You can also fill out this form to get connected with a gender specific small group that meets throughout the week or to be mentored/discipled. 

Are you bored? Need to talk to someone today? Connect now. 

Hey! Are things pretty boring right now? Would you like to talk to or hang out with someone? Do you have specific prayer needs, need help, or just have a general question? Fill out this request form and we will get in touch with you soon! 

Immanuel Adults.

Whether through small groups or unique ministry opportunities, we look for ways to build community with one another in digital spaces. There are several opportunities to grow in your faith at Immanuel. From online activities dedicated to serving men and women, to unique Bible studies taking place throughout the week, there is an option that fits into every busy schedule.