Random Acts of Kindness: Food and Beverages

Coffee / Hot Chocolate
Use thermal containers to walk around to your neighbors offering a hot beverage.
Give a roll of Lifesavers to your neighbors with a note telling them that Jesus is a lifesaver and you'd love to talk with them sometime about what He means to you.
Snack Baskets or Bags
Assemble some pre-packaged snacks like microwave popcorn, granola bars, chips, etc. in a basket or bag to share with neighbors.
Fresh Fruit
People love fresh fruit,and they will readily receive it. An orange, an apple, and a banana along with a connection card in a clear plastic bag is perfect.
Grill Hot Dogs
Grilled hot dogs bring everyone together! Even when you provide the dogs, buns, and condiments, it's an affordable outreach. Let your neighbors know you are grilling hot dogs. Spread out, play some music, and have fun.
Pick up a few boxes from your local bakery or grocery store and deliver them to your neighbors.
Bottled Water
Ice down bottles of water in large coolers and place them outside for your neighbors to help themselves.

Random Acts of Kindness: Small Tasks and Errands

Pick Up Groceries
Some of your neighbors may be elderly and at-risk and need help getting groceries. Offer to go to the store for them.
Garbage Can Return
This is something you could do for your entire street each week. After garbage pick up, return cans to a place near each person's garage. If it's early in the morning, please do it quietly! Tape a connection card to the lid of each can.
Yard Work
Check with neighbors to see if they need help moving grass. No time to mow a whole yard? Offer to edge driveway and sidewalks.
Offer Screen Cleaning
Remove screens from windows, apply some soap and water, and clean with a soft brush. Hose them off then reinstall.
Doggie Dirt Cleanup
It may be an unsavory job, but it has to be done. Jesus said, "If you want to be great in God's kingdom, be the servant of all" (Matthew 20:26).
Car Washes
Offer to wash a neighbor's car. You provide the soap, sponge, bucket, and see if they can provide a hose and water.
Food Delivery to Shut-Ins
Find legitimate shut-ins in your neighborhood, and start a system with interested neighbors for a weekly food delivery. If you need help, let us know. We may be able to provide some food supplies.

Random Acts of Kindness: Small Gifts and Encouragement

Prayer Walk
Stop in front of each home and pray for those inside. Consider leaving a card explaining what you are doing.
Door to Door Flower Giveaway
Carnations are a great choice and are readily available and inexpensive. Just share a flower with each of your neighbors.
Driveway Love
Using sidewalk chalk, write or draw and encouraging message on your driveway. Ask your neighbor is they'd like one, too.
Spring Flower Bulbs & Seeds
Give a seed packet, tulip bulbs, or a potted marigold. When they grow, your neighbor will reflect on your act of generosity.
Encouraging Cards
Send encouraging messages or Bible verses to your neighbors or local nursing home residents.
Doggie Treats
Pets are like family members. Wrap several treats with a ribbon and a connection card to give out to neighbors who have dogs.
Flash Parades
Enlist friends to make posters, line up their cars, and drive through your neighborhood or nursing homes to share your messages of encouragement.
Nursing Home eCards
Nursing home residents are unable to receive visitors at this time. Send them an encouraging eCard from these websites: www.sayrechristianvillage.org/send-an-ecard and www.northpointlexington.com/ecards.
Business Blasts
Surprise employees of local businesses with a small gift such as a basket of candy. Include a card expressing your appreciation of their service and your desire to share God's love in a practical way.
Fast Food Drive-Thru
Pay for the person behind you in the drive-thru lane. Provide a card to the server to be included with the person's order.
Recipe Exchange
Share favorite recipes online or leaving them for each other at front doors.

Include a Hope Heals Card

Use this information on a card to include with your gifts. "We hope this act of kindness brings some light into your day. It's a simple way of saying God loves you, no strings attached." Cards can be picked up at the church by emailing David Howard at davidh@ibclex.com.