Chosen, Day 3

“Are you ready to do this, buddy? I’m so fired up! Welcome to the family!”

“We were looking for leadership, and you have it! Come, use it here!”

“Are you ready to be one of us?”

“We knew from the beginning - you were our choice.”

“We want you!”

From the first time they play a game of pick up in the street, boys quickly imagine themselves playing in the NFL. Little cleats turn into hours in the weight room, watching cartoons turns to watching game tape, and uniforms and dreams continue to grow. The excitement and hopes continue through high school; and each game throughout their college career, that dream gets closer. It’s within arms’ reach. They can almost taste it. Then, the call comes.

There are few things I love more than watching a player’s life change forever by getting the call on the night of the draft. Six-foot four-inch, 300-pound men are reduced to a crying ball of boy with one phone call. They hug their parents while friends and family celebrate. Tears stream down everyone’s face as they try to absorb the moment. Sure, the paycheck is great. Of course, the dream is realized. But, most importantly, they were chosen.

For many are called, but few are chosen. (Matthew 22:14)

Before your send an email to our staff, I’m fully aware that Paul wasn’t writing to or about future professional athletes. But, sweet friend, there is something so powerful in being a choice. And, you have been called. You have been chosen. And God is surrounded by angels all celebrating and weeping for joy! You are chosen.

Matthew 25 Challenge: Take time today to plan your celebration when a child in Guatemala chooses you! The impact could last for generations in both of your lives.

Prayer: Lord, we don’t celebrate it enough. Not big enough or loud enough when we answer Your call. But, O Lord, we are so thankful and excited. Our training doesn’t come before but after. Keep us constantly active in being thankful for being Yours. You’ve changed our lives! Thank you! Amen

By Carrie Peterson






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