Chosen, Day 2

As we talk about being CHOSEN this week, I keep reflecting on scriptures that present this concept – of either being empowered to choose or being the one chosen.

The book of Hosea in the Bible beautifully illustrates this concept for us. Hosea was a prophet God told to marry a prostitute and thereby show the nation of Israel how she’d been unfaithful by worshiping false gods. Hosea chose Gomer, a woman who would give birth to his children, yet leave him time and again for another lover. (See Hosea, Chapters 1 and 2.)

Once Hosea chose Gomer, the love had no limits. No matter how far she wandered, Hosea was there to love her and choose her all over again. It was all very scandalous.

Throughout the book of Hosea, we see both judgment and hope. Hosea proclaims both sides of God, which reflect His one heart – God’s faithful love for His people and His warning them for their good.

God chose the nation of Israel.

Hosea chose Gomer.

God chose you.

It’s so easy to look in the book of my life and see all the reasons why I shouldn’t be chosen and loved. I’m selfish, I question everything, I don’t always listen. I have a bit of a temper. I’m not good enough. The list goes on and on.

And yet, the truth of my life is: I am loved, and I am chosen. And you are too!

His love has no limits. No matter how far we wander, God is there to love us and choose us all over again. Pretty scandalous for us as well.

Matthew 25 Challenge: How is this challenge impacting your activities today?

Prayer: Lord, thank You for always choosing us. When we get it right, when we get it wrong, when we wander, when we stray… You love us through all of it. We are loved. We are chosen. We are thankful. Amen

By Carrie Peterson






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