What We Wear Matters

Growing up in church, I have many fond memories of the Easter season. I remember the excitement of egg hunts at the park, the church waving palm branches while triumphantly proclaiming “Hosanna,” my sister and I staying up late to paint our nails with spring chicks and eggs, as well as getting to wear a new Sunday dress to the Easter sunrise service. 

It has been many years since the childhood of coordinating attire with my siblings; and regardless of whether you wore a new outfit on Easter morning, I want to share why what we wear matters. 

In the Gospel of John, we read about Jesus’ final miracle prior to His crucifixion: Lazarus’ death and resurrection four days later. When Jesus proclaimed to the dead man, “Come out! And leave your grave clothes behind,” Lazarus, the one who was once dead and wrapped in burial linens, walked out from the grave. (John 11:43-44)

Why is this significant? Because when we are spiritually dead, our garments match our condition. Yet when we are resurrected and made new, we rejoice that our grave clothes -- markers of our sin, addictions, and failure of human flesh -- are to be no more. The resurrection of Jesus demands we leave these garments behind. We don’t need them anymore. This is the heart behind our celebration of Easter.

What, then, are we to wear when the clothes we are accustomed to and comfortable with are no longer an option? Paul preaches to the people of Galatia, “So in Christ Jesus you are all children of God through faith, for all of you who were baptized into Christ have clothed yourselves with Christ.” (Galatians 3:26-27) We are offered Christ as a covering – and this is how we are presented to God. He sees garments of perfection we could not craft ourselves, only made possible by the blood shed on the cross. 

Easter reminds us that what we wear matters. Garments of grace, garments of love, garments of mercy. Like Lazarus, we are wrapped in grave clothes; but because of Jesus, we too can rise and step out of the grave.

By Bethany Taylor






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