A Special Cross

For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life. (John 3:16)

Today I’m wearing a gold necklace with a simple gold cross pendant on it. It’s special because of what it represents, of course; but it’s also special because it belonged to my great-grandmother and has her name engraved on it. But the real cross wasn’t pretty – nothing about it was beautiful, except the heart of the One sacrificing His life for my sins. 

But sometimes I fear we are distracted by the cross. I know that may sound strange to you at first mention, but bear with me. I think Satan wants us to be so distracted by what happened on that cross – the cruelty, the blood, the pain, the nakedness, the humiliation, the spitting, the mocking, and the taunts of passers-by – so distracted that we forget what really happened there – and what came next!

Other people had been crucified in that time in history, and perhaps even some innocent people had been crucified. But Christ’s death was different in just about every way imaginable. He was the only Son of God who came to our world to die – that’s why He came. No one killed Jesus – He voluntarily gave His life. On the cross, it wasn’t the physical pain that we need to focus on – it was the spiritual pain of bearing all my (and your) sins in His sinless body – the spiritual pain of being forsaken by God. He paid the price – He paid our debt once and for all.

From God’s perspective, His beloved Son did exactly what the Father asked Him to do. What really happened on that cross was a demonstration of love in the heart of our heavenly Father – a love we can’t begin to fathom – a love for the world – a grace we never deserved – that we might have everlasting life.

As you continue to reflect on the Easter season we have just celebrated, remember not just the horrors of the crucifixion; but, more importantly, remember the love God poured out on us and the new life that is ours because Christ lives!

By Judy Shrout

Judy is married to Tom and has found that the joy of the Lord is her strength.






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