Scripture Memory Verse for April

We are helping our kids get into the Bible each night before bedtime. Our daughter is still young enough that we read it with her, and it leads to lots of discussion and questions (especially when the alternative is going to sleep). One night our daughter asked, “Why did Adam and Eve have to eat that apple? All of this would be a lot easier!”

I think we would all agree with her thought. But I also think we would all agree with what I told her. If it hadn’t been them, it would have been someone else. It would have probably been us. I reminded her that she had chores she didn’t finish that day, that her brother did too, and that I was frustrated with them when they didn’t complete their chores. (Husbands, I wisely did not point out anything that my wife did or did not do that day – I knew that pointing something out to her would no doubt point right back to something I hadn’t done.)

Sin is an unfortunate part of our world. And we are all guilty. We all sin somehow every day. We deal with a physical sin, or we neglect our neighbor’s needs. And when this happens, our righteousness starts to become an issue. Romans 3:23 says, “[F]or all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God.”

Sin keeps us from God. But Paul reminds us in Romans 5:8, But God demonstrates his own love for us in this: While we were still sinners, Christ died for us. That’s a love we cannot comprehend. While we were disobeying His commands, God focused on making another way for us to be with Him at His own expense. Our sinful nature leads us to focus on ourselves rather than allowing us to focus on God. That’s why Adam and Eve hid in the garden.

We need to remember that God desires to be with us, and we should desire and pursue a relationship with Him.  As we develop this relationship, we stand out in a world that focuses on itself. Others will notice and desire the relationship we have developed.

By Jason Grace

Jason serves at Immanuel with his wife and two kids.  He is a software engineering manager.






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