What Makes You Curious?

This week we’re looking into some of the happenings on Paul’s missionary journeys.

“Curiosity killed the cat.” You’ve no doubt heard that expression; and if you’re anything like me, some of the dumbest things I’ve done have been because I was curious. Now that I’m in a somewhat saner season of life, I still find myself curious – but this time I’m quite curious about what the Bible says and what it doesn’t say.

For instance, today’s focal chapter is Acts 16, the chapter where Paul and Silas are in prison praying and singing, when suddenly God intervenes in rather dramatic fashion. I’ve wondered about several things:

  • What were they singing? We don’t know precisely – but I am confident their songs were worshipful psalms – songs that praised the One they served.
  • What were they praying? Again, we don’t know the exact words of their prayers; but since we know they were committed to God’s ways, I don’t think their prayers would have been like some of ours – along the lines of “Get me out of here!” Because of their deep faith, they were no doubt praying that God would use them wherever they were.
  • How did God answer their prayers? Obviously, God did miraculously open a way to free them from their prison cell and provide a way of salvation for the jailer and his family. But I believe He also answered their “use us where we are” prayers in another way.

Let’s peek into some of the cells near the cell where Paul and Silas are imprisoned – as we observe the other prisoners listening to the songs and prayers of these crazy guys who have just been beaten to a pulp. 

In this prison situation, I imagine there were some that just thought Paul and Silas were a tad loony. But I imagine there were others – maybe many others – who decided to invite into their hearts the Jesus that was the focus of the prayers and songs of Paul and Silas.    

Now let’s leave those prison cells and move forward in time – all the way to eternity. Can you visualize with me that day in heaven when someone comes up to Paul and Silas, and says, “Hey guys, you don’t know me, but I’m here because you prayed and sang praises to God in your prison cell. Just wanted you to know. Thank you!”

Who will be in heaven because you sang God’s praises here on earth? Who will be in heaven because you prayed that God would use you where you were? 

By Judy Shrout






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