The Flooding of the Holy Sprit

Holy Spirit You are welcome here
Come flood this place
And fill the atmosphere
Your glory God 
Is what our hearts long for
To be overcome
By Your presence, Lord

Chances are you have sung this song countless times – you may have even sung it here instead of reading it. It’s such a sweet reminder of where the Holy Spirit can permeate. In surfing the “interwebs,” I found what singer Francesca Battistelli had to say about the writing of it:

“There was a childhood song that was about the Holy Spirit that I remember singing in church as a kid. That song was in my head a lot. I started this journey where we began a conversation we’d love to write a song about the Holy Spirit. And that really was the beginning process. Our prayer, our desire in our local church, was to see the Holy Spirit moving in people’s lives and to make room more than anything for our awareness of him to be there – to be aware of God’s presence in our lives, in our relationship and in our churches. Seven years ago as young worship pastors in a small church in central California, we began writing worship songs for our local congregation. We wanted fresh language for ourselves in worship and we wanted anthems we could sing out together as a community… I say to the Lord, You are my Lord; apart from You I have no good thing.”

How can we be more aware of the flooding of the Spirit? By really focusing on the “here” referred to in the song.

Within each of us: Lord, we ask the Holy Sprit to flood our innermost being.

Within the walls of our church: Lord, we ask the Holy Spirit to flood the atmosphere of our church. From each brick to the souls that walk in the door – we ask you to permeate every square inch.

Within the boundaries of our mission field: Like the rain that falls, we ask the Holy Spirit to soak our communities! Lord, they are all yours… but allow us to work in a place totally flooded by You!

We long to be overwhelmed by Your presence.

By Carrie Peterson






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