Trust Your Gut...

That feeling. That flash of clarity, those goose bumps, the sinking sensation in the pit of your stomach, or butterflies. All can grab out attention and lead us to safety or out of a compromising situation. And, it’s not intuition or by chance. It’s a direct message form the Holy Spirit.

One of my favorite stories of trusting your gut is best told in the words of my eldest. I asked him to pen the memory to share … just know this is the most he’s ever written outside of a school paper or notes from a meeting at work. But this is all about trusting your gut…

When I was in 5th grade, I was invited to a birthday party for a class friend. As any 5th grader would be, I was excited to spend time with friends. When I got to the party, however, that feeling shifted. Maybe it was the life-size Star Wars characters in my friend’s bedroom that I didn’t want staring at me all night. May be it was being an awkward and introverted 5th grader, but I just got a feeling in my gut that I didn’t need to be there. Luckily I caught my parents before they left and told them I wanted to go home.

Looking back on that day, I came to the realization that it was the Holy Spirit telling me it wasn’t right. While in the moment, it was awkward to have to tell my friend I was leaving his party (but don’t worry, I let him know I’d leave his gift), when we get those feelings in the pit of our stomach that being in a certain situation isn’t right, for whatever reason that might be, it’s best to listen to it. There was no real reason for me to leave – I mean it was a 5th grade birthday party. The worst I think we could do was play video games past our bedtime or watch a movie rated PG-13. But I felt a calling that it was best to leave, so I did.

We don’t know of anything that happened that night at the party. But what we do know is Noah had first-hand knowledge of what it meant to hear and heed a message from the Holy Spirit. While we’d love to get an email or text from the Lord with specific information, God intended us to listen a little more and have faith to answer.

What is one of your “trust your gut” moments? I challenge you to share it with someone. That testimony can show others how the Holy Spirit words and remind you to listen!

By Carrie Peterson






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