His Presence As I Pray With Other Believers

You could have heard a pin drop. There was not a sound in the Sanctuary. We were almost hesitant to breathe. The Pastor was in the baptistry, and a woman stepped into the water to be baptized. She was terrified of the water, but with all her heart she wanted to be baptized as a new believer.

As the Pastor tried talking her through her fear, it was obvious to the congregation that she was absolutely paralyzed and scared – almost to the point of terror. However, no one seemed to even be thinking, “Let’s get this done!” – an attitude people might have in a normal world. 

In this moment, I sensed God’s Holy Spirit falling on the congregation and uniting the believers in prayer – prayer for wisdom for the Pastor, prayer for courage for the new believer. The prayers were silent prayers – strong prayers whispered over and over again in the hearts of Christ-followers. The praying people waited for God to answer; but the answer didn’t come quickly – and not in the way anyone thought it would. 

After a rather extended period of time, the Pastor acknowledged that God knew her heart, loved her faith and would accept her unique baptism – not one where she was immersed in the baptismal waters, but one that occurred as the Pastor cupped his hands in the water and poured it on her head. Tears flowed or were stoically held back as the congregation experienced the presence of the Holy Spirit working in the Body of Christ silently praying as one, in the Pastor as he demonstrated God’s grace and wisdom, and in the woman who experienced the joy of her salvation. 

When believers pray together and God’s Holy Spirit is welcomed, you can sense His presence, you can expect the unexpected, you can trust that God is always good, and you can be assured that your prayers will be heard. 

“For where two or three are gathered together in my name, I am there among them.” (Matthew 18:20)

By Judy Shrout






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