The Essential Truth

Our theme this week is “reaching – sharing our hope in Christ with others.”

Yesterday we learned from the story of Philip and the Ethiopian eunuch (Acts 8) that Philip began where the Ethiopian was, but he did not stay there. Philip utilized that starting point as springboard for sharing the good news about Jesus.

Regardless of where the conversation begins, or the questions that are asked and answered along the way, there is an essential truth that we want to share. That truth – the Gospel – is the truth that transformed our lives and is still transforming lives today. That’s the basis of the hope with which we are called to live and share with others.

In writing to the Corinthians, Paul gives us a really concise summary of the Gospel:

Now I would remind you, brothers, of the gospel I preached to you, which you received, in which you stand, and by which you are being saved, if you hold fast to the word I preached to you—unless you believed in vain. For I delivered to you as of first importance what I also received: that Christ died for our sins in accordance with the Scriptures, that he was buried, that he was raised on the third day in accordance with the Scriptures. (1 Corinthians 15:1-4)

We all approach sharing our faith in different ways. Some of us have been taught a method for sharing our faith, and others have been taught to simply share our own story, how God’s truth has transformed our lives. Whatever the method, we need to be sure that we are sharing this essential truth.

Our contemporary culture has invested its hope in the latest good news. The problem is that we’re caught in a never-ending, ever-changing 24-hour news cycle. The good news of today is likely to be overshadowed by the bad news of tomorrow. 

The Good News Paul describes for us in 1 Corinthians 15; that Philip shared with the Ethiopian eunuch; that transformed our lives; stands in stark contrast to the good news of the world. The Good News about Jesus will not change with the next 24-hour news cycle and will not be overcome by tomorrow’s headlines. It will stand forever. That’s the Good News we ought to be passionate about sharing.

Recently I’ve had many conversations start with a discussion about vaccines, and I’ve lost count of the number of people who’ve posted something about their vaccine status on social media. There is no lack of passion about these issues. It brings a question to my mind: Are we as passionate about sharing the unchanging Good News about Jesus as we are about sharing our vaccination status or our opinions about the vaccine?

By Jesse Smith

Jesse and his wife, Melanie, reside in Lexington, along with their son, Zak.






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