Jesus Is Followed - Sarah's Story

This week we will be hearing from five different writers – all who grew up at Immanuel and are now on staff here.

In the early verses of Luke 5, Jesus calls His first disciples to follow Him for the remainder of His ministry. Reading through these verses, I can’t help but be reminded of the time when Jesus called me to follow Him as well.

When I was younger, I can remember a very distinct moment in which the Lord pricked my heart and showed me how, despite knowing lots about God, I wasn’t truly following Him. I wasn’t really living for Him.

In high school, there was a season in which several fellow classmates passed away within about two weeks of each other. One death was a suicide, one was health-related, one was a shooting. My school was rocked, and so many of my friends went through a serious time of grief for the loss of these students they knew and loved.

Watching this unfold, my own walk with God was radically changed. As I questioned God’s motives and tried to fathom how to have hope in such tragedy, I saw for the very first time how real God was. I saw His power firsthand. Up until that point God was just an idea to me, a spirit in the sky so to speak, someone I learned about in church, but in real life He wasn’t that important. This moment changed that reality for me. I saw how real He was, and I saw that He was worth following.
I love looking back on this moment because it helps me remember one of the reasons why I continue to follow Christ. He was there in my past just as He is here with me today. It also helps remind me of what it means to actually follow Jesus in my everyday life.

When was the moment that you remember God calling you to “follow him”? Was it a distinct instance that you remember well? Was it more of a blurred journey that brought you to a point of following Him? Or have you been spending time learning a lot about God but haven’t really chosen to give your whole life to Him?

Take a moment to reflect on what it means to truly “follow” Christ. Is following Christ a routine for you? Or is it something that flows out of a deeper love for Him and what He has done for you? In Luke 5:10, Jesus says “Don't be afraid. From now on you will be fishers of people.” Meditate on that verse. In your life, does the way you follow Christ demonstrate that you are a fisher of people?

By Sarah Dunson

Sarah is on staff with IBC as a Ministry Programming Resident and has attended Immanuel since she was 4 years old. On staff she serves with the Next-Generation Ministry and Missions.






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