The Adventure of Advent

“The beautiful thing about this adventure called faith is that we can count on Him never to lead us astray.” – Chuck Swindoll

I have always said if you read one of my devotions where words and scriptures are discussed in the original Greek or Hebrew, it’s been edited. I’m just not that girl. Let it be known… today, that changes. I feel so grown up. Buckle up, we’re going on an adventure.

While not an original idea, I wondered recently if the words ADVENT and ADVENTURE came from the same root word. So, after some research, the answer is a very academic sounding, sorta.

The root of adventure means to arrive or be about to happen. The root of advent means an arrival of someone important. From this, we could conclude that the period of Advent concerns the arrival of a new adventure, in whatever form this may end up taking.

Ya’ll. What if this year, in this unprecedented year, we really dug into the adventure of our journey to Christmas? Our journey to faith. Our journey to Christ.

I’m not a very adventurous person. I will never jump out of a perfectly good airplane, ziplining seems ridiculous; and in my world, roller coasters are even out of the question. In the adventure column of my life, the closest I come is knowing I’ve watched every episode of Survivor. I’m OK with it. And while it may not involve sunshine, speed, and eating slugs, my adventurous spirit comes in the shape of entrepreneurship and mixing stripes and polka dots.

It’s been a little overwhelming setting my heart on Christmas with all the world’s unknowns. But I am going to build up my “adventure muscle” this month and look forward to Christmas in a wild, yet calculated, way. While I fully recognize this life is an adventure of its own (hello, 2020), what we have left of this year can be a season of connection and anticipation we’ve never known.

“I want to know Christ and experience the mighty power that raised him from the dead. I want to suffer with him, sharing in his death.” (Philippians 3:10)

Dear Lord, I am ready for an adventure! As we prepare our hearts for Christmas, help us hear Your voice. Touch our souls once again. Give us the courage to be Your beloved. Give us courage to choose joy. We need You now this Christmas. Amen.

 By Carrie Peterson
Carrie is happiest with her people and a pen in hand!  






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