Pandemic Fatique

Remember back at the end of March when we kind of felt like we were given a two-week reprieve from the busyness of life? It was scary, but more like waking up in 4th grade to a few inches of snow on the ground. It was going to be days of baking and reading and evenings of puzzles and movies. 
But, here we are. Eight months later. And if you are like me, you are exhausted. 
We are worn sick of wearing masks, suffering from a lack of hugs, second-guessing even going to the grocery for fear of what germ may be parked on the cart. We worry about news reports and how this virus could affect our families and friends. Will this pandemic hurt our businesses and careers?
A good friend of mine has been diligent in getting tested for COVID. She helps take care of a child with autoimmune issues, as well as her elderly parent and grandparent! Eventually she received the dreaded diagnosis of a positive COVID test. She quickly quarantined in her room, bleached everything she could and called in reinforcements to help with her family. She was feeling fine physically, but emotionally she was falling apart. She was separated from her family, scared and spending time fearing the worst. 
Finally she put her nose into God’s Word and her heart in His hands. She began to order her thoughts and focus. She took time to rest, trust her gut, focus on truth, and settle into faith. 
Sweet friend, are you feeling that same fear, anxiety and shame today? You aren’t alone. Pandemic Fatigue is a real thing. I encourage you to take time to write it down. Write down your fears, your stressors and your faith in God who has your back. 
Journal Prompt: Lord, I’m scared of ___________________________________ and it wears me out. I will lean into you and take care of myself by _____________________________________. 
By Carrie Peterson
Carrie is happiest with her people and a pen in hand!  






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