The Big Idea

When Jesus told parables, there was usually one BIG IDEA – and the big idea in the Luke 16 parable is this strong statement made by our Lord:

“No servant can serve two masters, for either he will hate the one and love the other, or he will be devoted to one and despise the other. You cannot serve both God and money.” (Luke 16:13 CSB)

Note that Jesus did not say that it’s hard to serve God and money; He said that it’s impossible to serve both God and money. It cannot be done! You either serve God, OR you serve money. 

As believers, we say that God is our number one love, our number one priority, the One we trust above all. We say we love God the most because we know we should love Him the most. But do we really? Ask yourself these questions: 

  • Are most of my worries related to money?
  • Do I often say, “I don’t have enough money?”
  • Am I afraid to be generous?
  • Do I keep accumulating debt?
  • Do I want more stuff?
  • Do I think that having more money would solve all my problems?
  • Am I comfortable/happy/content because I have money?

If the Holy Spirit has convicted you as you asked yourself these questions, take a moment and confess to our Lord what you have learned about yourself, and ask Him to help you willingly give Him that number one spot in your heart.

Now, let’s get practical. How can you demonstrate that Christ is your number one priority?

1 – If you’ve ever been “in love,” do you remember how all you could talk about or think about was “that perfect person?” Spend time getting to know God better through intentional moments with Him and in His Word – you’ll grow to love Him more, because His love is perfect love. 

2 – As the upcoming Christmas season approaches, ask God to show you how to be generous – not to give expensive gifts to people who need nothing – but how to be creatively and abundantly generous to those who can never repay you – because Someone paid a debt for you that you can never repay.  

3 – Randy Alcorn, author of The Treasure Principle, reminds us that “You can’t take it with you -- but you can send it on ahead.” So … if Christ is your number one, you’ll want to make sure you are investing in those things that are important to Him – things that are of eternal value. 

Let’s link arms, loosen our grip on what our culture values, and show the world that Jesus Christ, the One and only, is our number one priority.

By Judy Shrout






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