This week we’re talking about where we get our strength.

Do you know that dream where somebody, or something, is chasing you and no matter how hard you try you cannot get away? Usually in my versions of this dream, I am certain that I could successfully escape if only I could get better traction with the ground. I would be fast enough if I didn’t keep slipping and sliding. It’s very frustrating and makes me feel helpless.

My understanding is that when we have these sorts of dreams, it’s usually because there is some problem in our real lives that we can’t seem to fix and is thus a constant presence in our minds. Usually after such a dream I can identify the issue I’m having in real life that probably caused it. But then again, when can’t I think of some problem that we wish would go away? 

Some problems can be avoided if we make careful, God-inspired decisions. And other troubles that bother us, while real, aren’t even our problems. Today let’s focus on the sorts of troubles that we face that are not of our own doing and cannot be avoided. What problem is at the forefront of your life right now? What worry can’t you get out of your head?

Our passage this week is Isaiah 30:15-21. The way we are supposed to deal with trouble is laid out in verse fifteen:

“For the Lord God, the Holy One of Israel, has said: ‘You will be delivered by returning and resting; your strength will lie in quiet confidence. But you are not willing.’” (Isaiah 30:15 HCSB)

Unfortunately, like Israel during that time, our actual response is described in verse sixteen:

“You say, ‘No! We will escape on horses’- therefore you will escape! -and, ‘We will ride on fast horses’ - but those who pursue you will be faster.” (Isaiah 30:16)

That last bit is quite blunt, isn’t it? Those who pursue us will be faster. Instead of running away from them, run to Him. Return to Him, rest, and find your strength.

By Mark Stuart






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