Hard Questions

Questions. Hard questions with eluding and evasive answers. My youngest son is really good at asking these kinds of questions. The kinds of questions that leave you stammering and thinking to yourself, “You know what, I’m not really sure myself.” A question my youngest philosopher child continues to ask is, “Daddy, why did God make us?” He can’t seem to figure it out. Why would this holy, mighty, marvelous God who has always existed make us flawed, needy, rebellious people from the dust of the earth, by the word of His mouth? 

Somehow my son in his childlike faith understands we’ve broken the Father’s heart. Isn’t it easier to just avoid this heartbreak? Wouldn’t it have been better if we’d never even been a thought in the Father’s mind? But here we are. Humans. His children. His possession. His very own. Chosen. Loved. Bought with a high, high cost. And we return to the question of why? Titus 2:14 gives comfort to my heart. Somehow God didn’t want to be alone. He wanted to share this great, wonderful, wide world with His beloved possession. And more than sharing His creation with us, He wants us. Just us. Nothing else, no strings attached. Just a relationship with you and with me.

He gave His life to make us His very own people... for Himself (emphasis mine). In your sin, don’t run from Him. Turn to Him. He is your deepest longing anyway. In the hard, hard times of life. The daily mundane, in your longing, in your sickness and disease, in your financial trouble, in the doctor’s office, in the commute, in the loading of the dishwasher, in your striving, in your seeking to do good works… turn to Him. You see, He didn’t save you to work for Him; He didn’t save you for your church attendance. He didn’t even save you to evangelize a lost world. He saved you for Himself. He wants YOU. All of you. The parts no one else knows. That’s why He came. For you, His very own chosen loved special possession. For Himself. 

So my answer for my precious son and whoever may be asking the same hard question: He made you so He could enjoy you, talk with you, share this beautiful eternity with you. You are dearly loved -- you are His very own. What He really wants is a daily, personal relationship with you! You see, He gave His only Son to make it possible.

By Matt Anderkin

Matt has the pleasure of serving Immanuel as Director of Communications. He is husband to Dana and dad to two amazing sons. Matt enjoys music, Marvel movies, and finishing the daily mini crossword puzzle.






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