Manna from Heaven

“When the Israelites saw it, they asked one another, ‘What is it?’ because they didn’t know what it was. Moses told them, ‘It is the bread the Lord has given you to eat’” (Exodus 16:15).

God is at work all over the world in a way we simply can’t comprehend. Yet He is also a very
personal, attentive, and loving Father when you are a child of God. I believe God provides
something important for my life every day.

Unfortunately, I blow right through most days – without even slowing down long enough to see
or appreciate His gift. Life doesn’t lend itself to slow and steady. Everyone is seeking the
Promised Land. We’re going crazy doing a gazillion things that seem valuable -- but are they
really? Are they all really that important?

If you are a child of God and you look sincerely at your day, you will find an intentional God in
your life -- a supernatural being providing something of true value. It is a powerful thing to walk
through each day with a profound trust in our God who provides.

Sometimes we think we have everything we need: a job, house, friends, cars, basketball,
vacation in Florida, cruise to the Bahamas. And then this weird virus comes on the scene and
suddenly what we have is … time. Quality time with our spouse, children and God … manna.
Maybe you are a single person, and what you suddenly have is time to garden and talk with God … manna.

We look at this weird time in our history and ask, “What is it?” It is bringing some hard things to
our world too; but, still in every day, God is giving us something significant from Heaven. Look
for it. Look for God in this stunning time that has rocked every nook and cranny of the planet.
Even though the world changes, God never does. I’m telling you, it’s there if you look … manna.

By Kimberly Pope






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