I Am The Good Shepherd: A Note from a Thankful Sheep

Dear Shepherd,
I know you are standing just over there. I see you and know your eye is on me, but I feel like it’s time to put hoof to paper and tell you some things I love about you being my shepherd.
Just know I see you. I see all the things you do for us and with us. We certainly don’t make it easy on you. Remember that day I wandered off? I didn’t mean to! Long story short there was this butterfly, and I lost all track of you and the path. All of a sudden I felt so lost - so far away. I looked for tracks, for friends, for you and didn’t see anything. Then when I was ready to just lie down and give up, I heard your voice. You called for me! At first I thought I was dreaming; but sure enough, it was your voice, and I was able to start walking toward you. Thank you for not giving up looking for me.
Can we just talk about dinner last night? I mean, fresh grass for days! You may think we just aimlessly walk in the pasture and find the next best blades to munch on. But it's so much more. I can really see how you search out the best for us. You’d never just let us eat a pasture bare. You move us around; while that change isn’t always easy, it’s always what is best for us. And we appreciate it. Thank you for meeting our needs.
I like to keep moving. It’s not natural for me to just lie down or rest. I like to keep moving! I mean, there is always fresh grass to munch -- or do I need to remind you of that butterfly? But you are really good to gather us up to rest. That third cave to the left is my favorite… so homey. We are together, safe, and really able to rest. We need it. You provide it. And, thank you for giving us rest.
Now sometimes I get really scared. My buddies and I were just minding our own business the other day and were startled by a growl. I mean, where did that wolf come from? We were totally surprised. But, there you were. We know around every corner is something that could hurt us, but sometimes we get distracted and miss the signs. But thank you for constantly being on watch.
So, really, I don’t say it enough, but I see and love all you do for me -- for us. Thank you for having our best interest at heart and taking such good care of us.
Wooly and Willing,
Your Sheep
By Carrie Peterson
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