Shepherding the Team

I am a huge sports fan. I love all of it -- the competition, the teamwork, the fans getting into the game and the fun. While I’m not at all sportsy, I can really appreciate those that are gifted in that way and use their gifts on and off the court (or field). And, I really love to study the coaches. Y’all, these people work tirelessly to celebrate, encourage, and reward their teams … in winning and losing.
In studying and preparing for the week of shepherds, I kept thinking of coaches. What a great reminder of what shepherding can look like in our modern world. Recently, the sports industry lost a great one. While Kobe Bryant wasn’t a coach, he used his position and gifts to lead.
"To be an effective leader, you have to be a really good listener and not to what's being said, but to what's not being said. You have to be really observant. That was a big transition for me. I went from being a scorer and a floor general ... to being a leader and that meant putting others first. That means not worrying about are you in rhythm, are you playing well in this game, are you ready to go, to being, are they ready? What can I do to help them be ready?" - Kobe Bryant
Jesus showed us about building a great time with the disciples. He shepherded them and coached them into pillars of the faith. Now I’m not a coach away from my favorite recliner in the basement, but I am a leader - just like you. We can coach our families and friends. Let’s take “Shepherding Leadership” to the next level by looking at Jesus and by doing a quick Google search of “best qualities of a coach” –
  • Being A Great Listener
  • Being A Great Rapport Builder
  • Being Skilled At Understanding The Levels of Rapport
  • Being A World-Class Question Asker
  • Having No Problem With Silence
  • Being Able To Reframe Any Event
  • A Love Of Helping People.
  • To Not Take Things Personally
Well, hello truth! These are amazing qualities for anyone in leadership. As we near the end of this week of “I AM The Good Shepherd,” let’s make our own I AM statements.
I am willing to listen.
I am ready to ask questions.
I am ok with silence.
I am familiar with the Shepherd's voice.
I am ready to love people.
I am His.
I am __________________________.
Take time today to complete that last statement. I am cheerleading you from the sidelines!
Lord, thank You for coaching us to play our best, give our all for teammates, and put others before ourselves. We are going to give our all! Amen.
By Carrie Peterson
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