November 16 - December 24

Whatever ideas we had for 2020 were changed drastically with COVID-19. However, we've still seen God move! We also know that the good news of Jesus is needed now more than ever. Our largest gathering of the year will be our Christmas Eve services. Join with others from Immanuel in praying for God's spirit to move at our church, in our community, and throughout the world this Christmas season.

Here's how you can be part of 40 Days of Prayer for Christmas

Receive a daily devotion and prayer point directly in your mail box beginning November 16 and leading up to Christmas. 
Sign up at the button below to be part of a team praying during each of our Christmas Eve services. You can pray at church or from home.
Join us on Facebook Live as we pray each Wednesday at 12 noon during the 40 Days of Prayer for Christmas emphasis.


Bless your neighborhood with the life-giving gift of prayer. Choose a time where you can be relaxed and enjoy the process. Ask God to show you how you can pray with greater insight for the people, events, and places in the community. Pray over every person, home, and business you encounter. Pray in God's power, and allow times of silence for God's spirit to speak to you or through you. Ask with confidence in the power of Jesus' name. As you walk, seek God's guidance, mercy, and transforming power for the community. As you pray God's promises with specific homes or work sites in view, you'll find that hope for those people begins to grow. You'll begin to see people as God might see them. You'll likely find yourself becoming more interested in the welfare of the people you are praying for. Watch for the ways God impresses you to display His love in practical acts of kindness. 

Daily Devotions

Beginning November 16, each devotion will include a special prayer point as we lead up to Christmas. Find them here, or sign up to have them delivered directly to you in box!