Lead people to Jesus.
Equip disciples.

Current Series

When all we have are mounting questions, Jesus is the only answer. When we are hopeless and lost, Jesus is the only way. When we don't know where to turn, Jesus shows us true direction. Jesus is the love we are looking for, the hope we long for, and the grace we didn't know we needed. Jesus is the Gospel Unleashed.

The Gospel unleashes upon our lives the unfathomable love and grace brought by Jesus Christ. In times when all the world feels is trouble, let us tell them the great story of Jesus. Let us show them the Gospel Unleashed.

The Gospel Unleashed creates a transformation that leads to our mission.
The Gospel Unleashed helps us see our relationships in a new light.
The Gospel Unleashed equals the answer when surrounded by questions.
The Gospel Unleashed equals the gift of grace we all need.
The Gospel Unleashed equals Jesus and the life-changing relationship we have with Him..

Join us as we unleash the Gospel and present Jesus to Lexington and beyond.

Service  Schedule

On Campus Gatherings

9:30 am  Tates Creek Campus
Blended Worship

10:00 am  Armstrong Mill Campus
Modern Worship

11:00 am  Tates Creek Campus
Modern Worship

5:30 pm  Armstrong Mill Campus
Traditional Worship