Everyone has a story.

What's Your Story?

Every individual has a story. Stories of change and freedom in Christ give us each hope for a brighter future despite our various pasts. Read some of our stories and share your story with us.

The Con•nect class at Immanuel has been a transformative experience...
God is very present and continually doing work in our class as individuals, couples, and in the group as a whole. I feel truly privileged to be a part of such an amazing group of young people that desire not only to grow closer together, but to mature in their walk with Christ!
My Connect family and the church as a whole have led me to grow in my faith, to take opportunities to serve that I may not have taken on my own, and to continue to learn and strive to be to be a light in this world.
This class has truly been a blessing in our lives. I look forward to seeing what else God has in store for Immanuel and Connect.

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