Sermon Series

Pastor Ron Edmondson and the pastoral team plan for messages to be delivered in a series-type format. Be sure to look at our previous series along with preparing for what is to come.

Red Letter Questions

Jesus was an excellent leader, so naturally He asked excellent questions. In this series, we will look at six of the simplest, most pointed questions of Jesus. And in doing so, Jesus will lead us into a closer relationship with our Heavenly Father.

FAM! In This Together

Mom, Dad, Kid, Brother, Sister, Single, Married. Regardless of your position in the family, God has a role in it for you. And your role matters. Join us Sunday mornings for FAM! A Relationship Series.

Easter at Immanuel

He is risen!

The Bible, Part II

“These words are faithful and true” (Revelation 22:6). In a world where fact and fiction are hard to discern from each other, one book has remained faithful in truth. We live in a world that is looking for answers. The Bible is where to find them.

What’s Missing?

Guest speaker Cas McCaslin, founder of Upward Sports, has a passion for creating opportunities to be intentional about implementing the ever-changing ways to share a never-changing message of the truth that is taught in God’s Word.

The Bible, Part I

“These words are faithful and true” (Revelation 22:6). In a world where fact and fiction are hard to discern from each other, one book has remained faithful in truth. We live in a world that is looking for answers. The Bible is where to find them.


More: Be | Do | Go

Who are we created to be? What are we created to do? Where are we created to go? In this series, Pastor Ron Edmondson will explore these questions and help us learn about our spiritual gifts.

Gone God?

Can God still work miracles?  Why am I suffering? Is God even in control? God has left us His Word to comfort and guide us in trying and often unbearable times.


Prayer • Discipleship • Missional Living • Evangelism


Student Pastor Scott Huff shares from 1 Peter 2.

Enter Joyfully Into God’s Presence

Associate Pastor David Howard preaches from Psalm 100.

Guest Speaker Brian Mills

Verses: Acts 2:41-47

Acts 2

Guest pastor Brian Mills with a message from Acts 2:41-47.


Access and close communication with our heavenly Father is available through prayer. This series examines what can occur if we PAUSE and PRAY.

Everyday Sunday

Being a disciple of Christ is not something we can accomplish one day a week. When we live what we believe, it changes how we love and serve our neighbor — how we trust and obey our God. This series in the book of James will challenge us to go beyond the normal Christian life and live as if every day is Sunday.

Love Rising

God loved the world and He gave His Son. Jesus. Not only did Jesus die so that we may have life, He conquered death. Love rose from the grave, and nothing will ever be the same.


What can we do when our suffering seems unbearable? John Dickerson shares three anchors to secure your soul when you are suffering.

Difference Makers

Student Pastor Scott Huff tells us how we can be “difference makers!”

Sweaty Christianity

Work out your faith!

Like vs. Love

We all look for approval…recognition. When we worry what others think, we forget what God has declared.


We’ll explore something new in the new year!


Student Pastor Scott Huff challenges us in commitment to our faith.


Advent, celebrated since the 4th century, is a time for Christians to anticipate the coming of Christ. Prepare your hearts this holiday season as we memorize Scriptures that focus on the tenets of the Advent season — Hope, Joy, Love and Peace. Merry Christmas.

Jesus Will Fix It!

This world is broken. And we are broken. But Jesus will fix it! You will be encouraged by this message from guest pastor Tyler Crosson.


Without faith, it is impossible to please God. In this message, Tyler Crosson unpacks Hebrews 11:1-6.

M A D E : fearfully and wonderfully

“I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful, I know that full well” (Psalm 139:14). God made us, and we are His!

The Power of Praise

Associate Pastor David Howard unpacks Psalm 145, revealing to us the power of praise. Lift Him up over everything you face. He is above all things! Experience all God has for you by making praise a priority in your life.


We’re busier than ever. We have more distractions than ever. It clutters our minds, our souls. Let’s declutter so we don’t miss the most important things God has for us.


God loved the world and He gave His Son. Jesus. A perfect man for an imperfect world. Not only did Jesus die so that we may have life, He conquered death. Love rose from the grave and nothing will ever be the same.

Stand Alone Message: Baptism

Why is baptism so important as a believer of Jesus Christ? Just what is the big deal about baptism? Pastor Ron Edmondson answers this question in this message.

Love Helps

Love should make us better, and this series will help us love better. The more we understand God’s love, the more we will love others. In this series, Pastor Ron will take us on a journey to discover a love that only God can provide.

Life On Mission

Your life on mission matters! What does missional living mean? Over the next several weeks, our sermon series, Sunday morning Bible studies, and service opportunities will deal with the theme of living our lives on mission. It’s a challenging beginning to a new year.

Stand Alone Message – What Are You Afraid Of?

Are you living in fear? Fear of being rejected? Fear of providing for your family? Do you hesitate to share Christ with others because you’re afraid of being rejected? Jesus tells us to fear not. This message explores these questions and shows us that God does not want us to be afraid.

The Christmas Experience

If we’re not careful, we’ll treat Christmas like any other holiday. Do you need to re-focus on the real meaning of Christmas? Christmas was the turning point in Bible history that brought you and me into the story of the Bible and into the story of God. Jesus came with a purpose. He was born to die that He might bring us to God. God’s plan to bring salvation to the world began at Christmas.

Stand Alone Message – Curtis Woods

Stand alone message from Curtis Woods, Associate Executive Director for Convention Relations & Communication with the Kentucky Baptist Convention

Stand Alone Message – Caz McCaslin

Stand alone message from Caz McCaslin, the founder and president of Upward Sports.


The world will provide many ways to disconnect from God.  Barriers are an ever-present way that keep us from attaining a stronger relationship with Christ.  Let’s overcome these barriers together… as a body of believers fighting for a a relationship that is genuine and built out of love.

Dealing with Uncertainty

In this world, uncertainty is common place.  Most decisions you need to make, each relationship you attempt to navigate, and many other situations present you with a sense of uncertainty.  Listen as IBC discusses the importance of turning to God in these times.

Stand Alone Message – Church Family

Church is more than a place we go.  Church is a group of individuals who gather under the name of Christ.  Church is family.


How many times have you found yourself wrestling with life?  Whether it’s finances, marriage, parenthood, or any other aspect, there is a need to allow God to do things His way and not our own.

Stand Alone Message – Overcoming Evil

There is good news out there, and His name is Jesus. We can overcome evil…not because we are special, but because our Jesus is good!

Intentional Living

Life is to be lived intentionally.  We will explore intentional living in terms of faith, finances, family, and fame.  Join us at 9:00am and 10:30am to be challenged and grow in your relationship with Christ.

15 Minutes of Fame

A moment can change your perspective.  A moment can change your life.  There are moments in scripture that can help us understand our relationship with Christ on a deeper level.  Join us in a series of moments.

The Psalm Series

Many lessons are taught in the book of Psalm.  Join us as we walk through this amazing book of the Bible.

The Easter Story

The story of Easter is new everyday for a Christian.  God sent Jesus Christ, his son, to die on the cross for your sins.  Now… Christ has risen from the grave and sits at the right hand of our Father in heaven.


Surrendering to something or someone will always leave you disappointed.  Giving your life up to God can always strengthen your understanding of how He is at work in you.

CORE: A Walk Through Romans

At the CORE of your faith or belief in God, there remains questions.  Allow Immanuel’s sermon series, CORE: A Walk Through Romans, help provide scripture for answering your questions.  The honest approach to God’s Word will help you restore your faith through hope.


Relationships are difficult to navigate.  But we have a promise through God that He can get us through anything by trusting in Him.  As we discuss the scripture related to marriage, parenting, grandparenting, and other topics, self-reflect on how you can improve your relationships to make you life better in Christ.

Money and Miracles

Have you ever needed a miracle to solve your financial debt?  Watch Joe Sangl, founder of I was broke. Now I’m not, and President and CEO of INJOY Stewardship Solutions as he discusses how the Bible instructs us to deal with our finances.

The Church

Have you thought about the church?  Why you go?  Why you don’t go?  Listen as Immanuel’s Senior Adult Pastor, Dan Russell, explains the importance of the church.

Eternal Reward

Luke 7 tells of a hopeless man who was able to overcome his obstacles and see eternity more clear.  Listen as Pastor Ron guides us to seeing where our reward is eternally.


This is not your typical “giving” series.  IBC’s pastoral staff will lead you through the Bible’s instruction on giving your work, your relationships, and your life to our Creator.

God Owns It All

Listen in as Pastor Ron affirms that God is in control of His creation.

Gather, Grow, Serve

Listen in as Pastor Ron explains Immanuel’s mission to Gather together, Grow together, and Serve together.

Joy & Thanksgiving

We do life with other people.  We are even influenced by our multiple communities of others.  Experience how you can become more joyful and thankful for God’s community.

Obstacles to Christmas Joy

The world is at work to refocus our attention away from God.  From commercialism to losing those around us, it becomes easy to lose sight of God.  This series teaches you how to bring back the joy in your Christmas.

The Grind

Life…it’s 24/7…365 days a year. Sometimes, it can be a grind, can’t it? But it doesn’t have to be. This series explores how to get out of the grind.

Heaven & Hell

Remember all of those questions you had growing up about Heaven and Hell?  Still have them today?  Are angels real?  Explore the scriptures and get answers in this excellent series!

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