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What is it about?

We serve in our church, our community, and our world, investing in the lives of others, expecting nothing in return and seeking only to love our neighbors.
We believe that the ultimate goal of a Christ follower is to be a servant. As we serve, our prayer is that we will love God and others more, and so fulfill the greatest commandments of God.

Serve Where You Are


We encourage everyone who attends Immanuel to serve, both inside Immanuel’s walls and out.  You may wonder – when we mention serving outside the walls of the church, what do we mean?

Ask yourself these questions to help you better understand how you can do this:

• Is there some place I go on a regular basis where I can share the love of God with people?
• When I serve, am I thinking and praying about how I can share the good news of Jesus with people there?
• Am I serving in a place where I can meet people who have no church home or do not have a relationship with Jesus?
• Where in our city are there hurting people?
• How can I share the hope and the love of Jesus in my neighborhood? At my children’s school? At my children’s extracurricular activities?  Where I work?  In the places where I go on a regular basis?
• Is there an activity in my life I need to stop in order to have more time to “serve” outside the church?
• Does my serving in some way, say “ I love my community because I love God?”
• What is the specific mission God has given me based on the gifts, talents, interests and abilities He has given me?
• Have I considered giving 3 hours per week to God by  Gathering(worshipping) for one hour, growing(Bible Study) for one hour, and serving for one hour?  Is there a healthy balance between these 3 activities in how I spend my time?

If you need any help answering these questions – or finding a place to serve – please contact us. Our heart is to see the Gospel spread throughout our community and we believe God wants to use each of us in this Kingdom work.

Sending Center


Visit the Sending Center for resources on discipleship, evangelism, missional living, and prayer, and to find information on current serve opportunities.

Interested in helping in the Sending Center?  We are looking for a volunteer to work about 10 hours a month with Sending Center operations.  Contact Kelly Hale, if you are interested.

Immediate opportunities



  • Help with the Back to School Rallies at Valley Park and Gainesway on Saturday, August 5.  We need people to help with the food and games at Valley Park, and to be at an information table at Gainesway.  Contact Kelly Hale,, for more information.

Parking Lot ministry


We have an urgent need for 40 volunteers to work in the church parking lot on Sunday mornings, greeting people and helping people find parking spots.  Contact Jeff Story, to see how you can be a part of this important ministry.


Volunteering in Schools


Immanuel has a school partnership with Cardinal Valley Elementary School. You can start serving at Cardinal Valley with us! We need people to:

  • Read with students
  • Encourage the teachers
  • Adopt a classroom or grade level (this is a great opportunity for Sunday School classes or small groups to work together)
  • Tutoring
  • Assisting with after school programs

If you are interested in serving at Cardinal Valley, please contact Jeff Story at or call 859-685-3204.

Working with Marginalized People


Immanuel partners with great organizations that work with marginalized people. We would love for you to join in!

  • Room In The Inn (Housing the Homeless)  From November through March, Immanuel hosts a group of homeless men on Wednesday nights. You can help serve dinner, stay overnight, provide sack lunches or breakfast for the next day or provide laundry services for bedding. If you are interested in serving with this ministry, please contact Tony Thompson,
  • Lighthouse Ministries – Lighthouse Ministries exists to feed the needy, help the hurting and direct the lost. If you would like to serve at Lighthouse, please contact their Volunteer Coordinator (859-259-3434 or email
  • Lexington Rescue Mission – The Lexington Rescue Mission exists to serve and glorify God through Christ-centered ministry that meets the physical, emotional, and spiritual needs of hurting people in the greater Lexington area. Volunteers are needed to mentor, translate, serve meals and participate in a Bible study. If you would like to serve with the Lexington Rescue Mission, please contact the mission at 859-381-9600.

Working with Single Moms


Interested in serving local single moms? Check out these two organizations and find a place to serve!

  • Step by Step – Step by Step is a mentoring ministry for at risk single mothers age 14 to 24. These young women need guidance, encouragement, education and hope. Volunteers are needed to drive a van, rock babies, serve meals, teach, act, fund raise and lead groups. If you are interested, call 859-258-STEP.
  • The Nest – The Nest is a local nonprofit organization that provides a safe place for education, counseling, and support to children and families in crisis. Volunteers are asked to utilize whatever skills you have when you serve at The Nest. For more information on serving, please call 859-259-1974

Mentoring Kids


  • Amachi Mentoring Program – Amachi Central Kentucky is a mentoring program that seeks to pair caring, positive adults with children and youth in the bluegrass who have one or both parents in state or federal prison or are affected by incarceration in some way.  There are over 7 million children faced with the challenges and trauma that is associated with the negative effects of incarceration.  This group of young people represents the highest risk of youth in America.  Without effective intervention these children are six times more likely to engage in negative behavior than kids not affected by incarceration. To intervene and assist these young people each mentor commits to spending at least one hour per week with one child engaging in a variety of positive activities. To volunteer, contact Maggie Middleton ( or 859-389-8279).
  • Volunteering in the Schools – Immanuel has a school partnership with Cardinal Valley Elementary School. You can start serving at Cardinal Valley with us! We need people to: Read with students, encourage the teachers, adopt a classroom or grade level (this is a great opportunity for Sunday School classes or small groups to work together), tutor, assist with after school programs.

If you are interested in serving at Cardinal Valley, please contact Kelly Hale ( or 859-685-3204).

Fostering and Adoption


Kentucky has almost 8000 children in the foster care system.  Who better to step in and care for hurting children than the Church! Immanuel supports Sunrise Children’s Services, an organization that offers both foster care and residential treatment to children in the state foster care system. Find out how you can help Sunrise support and care for children waiting for a forever home here.

Immanuel also has a support group for parents who are fostering and adopting.  More information is here.

Want more information on foster and adoption opportunities?  Contact Kelly Hale,




Have an interest in serving on construction teams or doing landscape work? Here are a few opportunities:

  • Habitat for Humanity – Habitat for Humanity seeks to put God’s love into action by bringing people together to build homes, communities and hope. To find out more about Habitat for Humanity, visit To serve with us, contact Jeff Story (
  • Home Repair – People interested serving on construction teams that will do home repair should contact Jeff Story (
  • Church Landscaping – Our grounds need many volunteers to help with maintenance. To serve, contact Kevin Reitz.
  • Disaster Relief –  Disaster Relief teams respond to major disasters, such as floods and tornadoes. These teams help clear rubble, feed people impacted by the disaster and they save lives. If you are interested in being on a Disaster Relief team, you must attend Disaster Relief training through the Kentucky Baptist Convention. The next training date in Lexington is February 12-13, 2016 at Porter Memorial Baptist Church. If you are interested in joining this team, please contact Jeff Story (
  •  Mission Trips –We will have various construction mission trips throughout the year. Watch the bulletin and announcements for more specifics. For more information, contact Jeff Story (

Working with Children/Youth/Young Adults in the Church


We love seeing people invest in our church family by serving in our different ministries. Some places you can serve include:

*Please note that the safety of our children is our top priority! All volunteers will need to undergo a background check and meet with someone on staff in the corresponding ministry.

Recreation and Sports Ministry


We have thousands of people who utilize our Recreation Outreach Center (ROC) each week and hundreds of families who play Upward Sports with us. You can get involved in this unique outreach by:

  • Coaching an Upward team – Contact Sharlena Maney ( or 859-685-3305)
  • Joining our Prayer team – This team meets to pray for our Upward program. Praying for these athletes and families to meet Jesus through learning sports is an important part of our Upward program. To join the prayer team, contact Sharlena Maney ( or 859-685-3305).
  • Refereeing – We need tons of volunteers to referee for our soccer and basketball games. To volunteer, contact Sharlena Maney ( or 859-685-3305).
  • Volunteering at our Welcome Desk – The welcome desk in the ROC is a great place to volunteer! You will meet new people and be the first smiling face our guests see when they come to work out at the ROC. All volunteers also receive a free ROC membership! To volunteer, contact Sharlena Maney ( or 859-685-3305).
  • Assisting with Administrative Work – To help with administrative work in the ROC, contact Sharlena Maney ( or 859-685-3305).

Building Maintenance and Room Set Up


We have many groups and ministries that use our facilities, which can require a lot of work in switching rooms from the needs of one group to the needs of another. If you can help with building maintenance and making minor repairs or breaking down and setting up rooms, please contact Kevin Reitz ( or 859-685-3233).

First Impressions Ministry


Our First Impressions team serves as the face of Immanuel to all our guests and ensures they have a positive experience visiting Immanuel! We need volunteers to serve:

  • As Door Greeters
  • As Worship Center Greeters
  • As Worship Center Section Leaders
  • On the Parking Lot Team
  • At the Guest Check-In and Welcome Desks

To volunteer, contact Beth Degler (



Do you have musical talents? We would love to have you serve with us! We need volunteers to serve on our Worship Team, play instruments in the band and to sing in the choir. To volunteer, contact Bo Warren ( or 859-685-3223) or Christian Novicki (



We need volunteers to serve as Camera Operators and work with the Technical aspects of a Sunday morning service, such as, video and sound. To join our Production Team, contact Ethan Mills (Kenny Vines or 859-685-3246) or Kevin Barger (


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Our community does not only include opportunities within the church. We are collectively focused on reaching beyond our walls and interacting with those around us. We have maintained strong partnerships with outside community members and organizations and continue to provide support and space for them to thrive. Our ministries within the church will provide you with the relationships and engagement that God has created us for. Let us help you find your spot where you can grow.