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From intentional events and activities dedicated to serving men and women to unique Bible study groups on Sundays and throughout the week, there is sure to be an option that fits into every busy schedule. As we grow, our prayer is that we would look beyond our walls, outside of our own preferences, to humbly serve others, and as a byproduct, build strong and lasting community.



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College Bible Study – College Room at Door #11
Leaders: Nathan Cornett & Ric Hale – We are a ministry who passionately and intentionally serves anyone of college age (17-24ish). No need to be in college…just ready to gather, grow and serve!

Community (Co-ed 30’s) -Room 245
Leaders: Jeff & Rhonda Story – This is a group of (relatively) young adults seeking to do life together, supporting one another through Bible study, prayer, mission and friendships. We are seeking to follow Jesus with all of our lives: at work, at home, in our neighborhoods, as we strive to be godly husbands, wives and parents. It’s okay if you are a single parent or if your spouse cannot come. We would love to have you!

CommUNITY (Co-ed 30s) – Room 244
Leaders: Paul & Kelly Drake – This is a group of young parents, couples and more applying God’s word to daily life; keeping life in perspective, building unity within our families within our world, and with our God.

CON-NECT (Young Couples 20s-30s) Fellowship Hall
Leaders:  Tim and Laura Brown, David and Donna Burgess, Alan and Joy Meek, Todd and Heather Wetzel – This is a group of young couples in all phases of relationships, including dating, nearly-wed, newlywed, and couples who are beginning families. Our driving passion is to provide an environment where young couples can find community no matter what phase of relationship they are in. We want young couples to be able to meet, engage with, and develop lasting friendships with other young couples.

DYNAMIC (Co-ed 40s-50s) – Room 168
Leaders: Robert & Karla Soper – For parents of high school/college age children, lessons are lecture/discussion oriented and deeply rooted in scripture. Our emphasis is to grow into a dynamic relationship with the Lord, to be transformed into the likeness of Christ, and live out our faith in our communities.

FAITH…AS A VERB (Co-ed All Ages) – Room 160
Begins 7/9 – Leader: Teresa Ditty
The Christian life is lived on a tightrope, balancing being in the world but not of the world. We will talk each week about how we might maintain that difficult balance in every aspect of our lives.

Families in Faith (Couples 30+) – Room 247
Leaders: Rob & Dana Wilson – Families who desire to grow in their Christian faith. In addition to Sunday morning Bible study, we gather at various times for service and fellowship.

Families in Focus (Co-ed 40+) – Room 177
Leaders: Nic Cabrini, Todd Hord, Jarrell Dunson – This class studies books of the Bible or topical studies with lots of discussion and an emphasis on family.

Fitch Class (Co-ed 40s-50s) – Room 171
Leader:  Mike Fitch – Parents of teens and 20s, very active in Bible study, fellowship, and community service.

Friends of God (Co-ed All Ages) – Room 162
Leader:  Richard Pool – Studying David Jeremiah’s “The Agents of Babylon,” this is a 12-week DVD study comparing the world described in the book of Daniel with the world we live in today.

Growing Families (Co-ed 20s-30s) – Room 196
Leaders:  Jamison & Erin Sills – This class joins for study of Scripture, video teaching, and book series on Sunday mornings and Sunday evenings.

IBCFAMILIES (Co-ed 30s-40s) – Room 173
Leader:  Paky Kramer and Jesse Robbins – Families committed to studying God’s Word and applying the principles we learn to our daily lives with our family, friends, and colleagues.

Kyle Farmer Class (Co-ed 40s-50s) – G32 (LCA Library)
Leader:  Kyle Farmer – This class is made up of parents of teens and 20s, active in Bible study, fellowship, and community service.

Larry Lewis Class (Co-ed All Ages) – Room 166
This is a discussion oriented class for adults of all ages.

L.A.C.E. (Living According to Christ’s Example) – Women 45+ – Room 158
Leader:  Vicki Barlow – Wounded women getting stronger through Bible study, fellowship, and finding a new identity as sisters in Christ.

Journey with Christ (Men all ages) – ROC Café
Leader:  Darrall Henderson – This fellowship of men is open to all ages who desire to study God’s Word together.

MASH (Ministering And Serving Him) Adults 40+/- Room 186
Leader: Mark Richardson – This class is for individuals and couples, focusing on family-oriented Bible study through life application with emphasis on discussion, relationships, and community.

Robert Scott Class (Co-ed All Ages) – Room 188
We seek to grow together using studies from contemporary and classic authors that guide adults through Bible-based, life applicable lessons from God’s Word. Regular group fellowship and service opportunities allow us to apply what we learn to impact our community and world.

Single Young Adults (Co-ed 22-30) – Room 192
Leaders: Ron Zimmer & Nathan Cornett – A vibrant and active group of young adults who are passionate about helping the helpless in Lexington. This is a fun group of individuals who enjoy staying connected throughout the week. These young adults are recent college graduates, graduate students, and young professionals. 

The Well (Co-ed 20-40) – Room 154
A gathering place for young professionals to go deep into God’s word, build authentic relationships, and serve the community.

Women of the Word (WOW) – Room 176
Leader:  Jennifer Degler – For women of all ages to get into God’s Word and applying it to everyday life, to enjoy fellowship with each other, and serve the community.



Believers (Co-ed 50+) – Room 168
Leader:  Betty Hunt -All singles and marrieds are welcome. This groups is Bible-focused, continuing our Christian growth while enjoying fellowship and friendship with each other.

Bible Crosswalk (Co-ed 40+) – Room 188
Class members lead this class made up of singles and marrieds, walking with Christ and each other, the Bible as their guide.

Brock/Boland Class (Men 60+) – Room 169
This class uses the Explore the Bible series to grow in the knowledge of God’s Word.

Builders (Men 60+) – Main Conference Room
Leader:  Fred Brandon – This is a senior men’s class dedicated to Bible study, missions, and care of each other.

Cornerstone (Women 50+) – Room 163
Leader:  Allyson Bishop – This is a class with a heart for service projects and Bible teaching from the Explore the Bible series.

Dedicated Disciples (Co-ed 20s-70s) – Gathering Place
Leader:  Don Dilday – We are a hodgepodge of singles and marrieds, studying the Bible in a discussion format.

Doxa ( Co-ed 40+) – Room 160
This class begins 9/11/16. Leader: John Weaver – Equipping believers for daily life through the practical application of scripture.

Fox Class (Co-ed 60+) – Room 184
Leader:  John Fox – This class shares a strong sense of community and a faithfulness to pray for one another. Study material is from the Explore the Bible series

International Bible Study (Co-ed) Room 190
Leaders: Stuart & Mary Henson – The focus of this class is to provide a welcoming environment for anyone from another country who might now know the gospel or the Bible. We explore questions such as “What is grace?” “Who wrote the Bible?” “Who is Jesus?”

Joint Heirs (Co-ed 55+) – Room 167
Leader:  Bill Alley – This is a group of senior adults whose focus is to love each other while studying Scripture together. This groups is active in the life and ministry of the church throughout the week.

Joyful Sisters (Women 60+) – Room 156
Leader:  Lyda Russell – Bible application and fellowship are the foundations of this class.

Life Group (Co-ed 35-45) – Room 183
Leaders: Jon & Elaina Barron – A group of believers who want to do life together studying the Word of the Lifegiver.

Love One Another (Women 70+) – Room 108
Leader:  Molly Fox – This class uses the Bible Studies for Life series to delve into God’s Word.

Message Reflection (Co-ed All Ages) – Room 180
Leaders: Wes Marion & Elree Canty – Have you ever heard a great sermon and aren’t sure how to apply it to your life? Join us as we take the Scripture from the 9:30 message, discuss any questions or thoughts that we might have, and use this time together to make the message a part of our lives. We welcome anyone over the age of 20, any gender, singles or couples looking to connect through God’s Word.

New Christians (Co-ed Adults All Ages) – Room 154
This class is offered on an as-needed basis. Visit Connection Point to see if class is currently meeting.
Leader:  Leah Cloys – This class is for those who make public decisions for Christ, have joined Immanuel from another denomination, or who have questions about what it means to be a Christian. This class is offered as a means to help adults understand what we believe and who we are as a church.

Open Door (Women 50+) – Room 181
Leader:  Betty Sublette – This is a diverse group of loving women who meet on Sunday mornings and Wednesday evenings to study God’s Word and pray. We look forward to welcoming visitors and new members!

Prayer Warriors (Co-ed 55+) – Room 243
Leaders: Larry Brandstetter & Bill Carter –  This group of senior adults uses the Explore the Bible material with an emphasis on evangelism.

Real (Women All Ages) – Room 179
Leader: Kimberly Pope – An encouraging Bible study for women of all ages who live in the real world with a real God who overcomes it all!

Seekers (Co-ed 40+) – Room 182
Leader:  David Fresh – This diversified group consists of couples and individuals, focusing on in-depth studies of the books of the Bible, as well as topical studies. This loving, supportive group welcomes new friends with open arms!

Treasure Seekers (Co-ed All Ages) – Room 166
Leader:  Dennis Hyde – This is a very social group of married couples, attempting to tie the whole Bible story together through the study of God’s Word.



We believe God has called us to pray for one another and for the church. Join us for coffee, cookies, and fellowship as we gather for this special time of prayer and Bible study.




This is a group of men who look forward to learning more about the life of Christ by studying the gospels in chronological order. The group varies in age, and all enjoy the fellowship, in-depth discussions and Bible study. All are welcome. The fellowship is great and the coffee is free.




Join us as Beth Moore discusses how some people are a joy to love, some are difficult to love, and how we all deal with some people who are humanly impossible to love. In all of those relationships, one truth endures: We will never be able to love others well until we have been loved well. And only God can ultimately give us the complete love we so desperately need. SIGN UP HERE.



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Bill Ellis

Discipleship Pastor

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Our community does not only include opportunities within the church. We are collectively focused on reaching beyond our walls and interacting with those around us. We have maintained strong partnerships with outside community members and organizations and continue to provide support and space for them to thrive. Our ministries within the church will provide you with the relationships and engagement that God has created us for. Let us help you find your spot where you can grow.